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This site was previously known as Dollz Sisters and Digital Cherry Blossoms, titles that I now find lame ^_^*. Now, it has the sweet name of a moth. I like the latin sounding. Don't you ?
You can still find the same stuff as before, except that I now intend to put more layouts, wallpapers and graphic stuff very soon.

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Tuesday, August 29th, 2006 O1:48AM
It's been so long since I last updated ! There are several reasons for that, including college (I had to find a flat, etc..), computer problems and learning of PHP (that's the main reason -_-)...
I made a new layout, tiger-themed, since I really love these animals. I became crazy about XHTML and CSS validation, too, so it took me a while. Realized my HTML knowledge was becoming a bit rusty. Cecropia's next version is going to be much better !
Friday, July 7th, 2006
I'm ashamed of myself, haven't learnt PHP at all this week, being lazying off, seeing Muse for real (that was amazing, apart from the hysterical and drunk fans who kept shoving me), and graduating !
So, as for today, a new layout only. I like this one, it's simple but clean.
I know more and more people visit the site, but I never get messages on the tagboard :'(. I'd like to have some opinions ! But anyway, folks, thank you +30400 hits !
Thursday, June 29th, 2006 04:31PM
Yay! In two days, I see MUSE in concert ! I'm so excited !
Well, site-related news now. I'm still learning PHP and this is hard, but I really hope the new version will be available soon.
As for now, one new wallpaper and one new brushes (this one made of my own drawings exclusively XD) ! Check them out ! ^_^
Saturday, June 24th 11:12 PM
Long time no see! I've been making the 2nd version of Cecropia and then realized that it'd be better if I PHPed it, so it'll be online when I'm done learning PHP !
My exams are finished at last, so there's a few things new : an avatar, a wallpaper and a brushes set. That's all for the moment!
Monday, May 15th, 2006 00:30AM
Avatar time, folks ! It's so fun to make ! So, here are 16 new 100x100 avatars for you. I admit tons of them are HXH avatars but it's an obsession. Also, I made available the templates of these avatars, so you can use them too, if you link me.
And finally, a brush set made of Japanese signs and poems I found on the web.
I also added 3 links to design sites and 8 links to japanese CG art sites.
Thursday, May 11th, 2006 09:08 PM
Hi there ! My holidays are over, my exams begin and tomorrow I'm gonna drown at the swimming exam ! Yay ! So, I update the site before my painful death... A new layout featuring Sesshoumaru from InuYasha and some avatars and banners that go with layouts. Plus one Hisoka avatar. Enjoy !
One more thing, Cecropia has suscribed to some topsites, if you like my site, you can vote for it just by clicking on one of the banners of the Vote section, on the left. Many thankies if you do.
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2006 00:02
Hiya ! Today, a new section is up : the brushes section. Also a new DIV layout featuring Death Note's Misa ! Check it out...
Thursday, April 27th, 2006 5:31PM
Hiya ! I'm in holidays ^-^. Youhou! So, I make layouts and brushes. Enjoy the Chihiro and Haku one I've just finished...
Also, a new fanart, another Hunter X Hunter but strangely, it doesn't feature Hisoka, but Killua, another cool character. i'm going to update the brushes soon but right now, I haven't much time... * has to take a shower before leaving at 7PM * I shouldn't have slept so much, but I'm lazy and it's so hard to get out of bed...
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006 02:19AM
At last, I'm done with this site ! I've been making these pages for hours...
I hope you enjoy the new design. It came out pinker than I thought ( I wanted it to be redish O-o ). But well, it's not too pink. Is it ? Give your opinion on the tagboard above !
*clears throat* Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Please let me introduce you Cecropia, the little mascot of the site, all pixelated. I'm still working on more poses, so she can reflects my state of mind when I upload.
As for the updates, there are 4 new drawings. All traditional art. Moreover, there are 3 avatars and a banner. More stuff to come, now that I'm done with this layout, I can keep on making layouts for you ! For requests or suggestions, a message on the tagboard is enough !
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